Costco weekend roundup – 17 Sep 2011

Sunday, September 18th, 2011 at 9:30 am by bowman

For preppers in Sydney and Melbourne, Costco certainly looks like a good option for volume and price.  But one important caveat is don’t assume that because it’s at Costco that it’s automatically cheaper, you should still compare and keep an eye out for bargains whereever they are.  For those who see the membership fee as a barrier, do some searching and see whether you’ll make that fee back (plus some) in bargains over the year or not… there are plenty of people blogging about prices, and I’m sure I’ll just be one of many.

I’ll try and do a roundup of any good prices I see whenever I visit.  It certainly won’t be the price of everything, nor will it be every week.

Here’s this weekends items of note:

Item Costco Price Notes
Thai White Rice 10kg $9.49  
Mariani Beef Jerky 255g $8.99  
Carman’s Natural Muesli $9.79  
Diced Tomato’s 400gx12 $6.69  
Cinnamon 303g $3.59  
Onion Flakes 332g $3.99  
Palmolive Naturals Soap 20 pack
(Aloe and Olive)
$8.99 ($0.45 ea) Woolworths price for 4 pack is $2.79 ($0.70 ea)
Maglight LED Torch Combo 1x 3D torch and 1x AA torch $37.98  
Denby 16 piece dinnerset $149.97 Ok, not so preppping related, but a good price locally.
Sunbeam Foodsaver VAC660 $196.99 Boxes of 2x 28cm Rolls are $29.99

One category of items I didn’t see there were any dry beans.  They had tinned beans, but not the dry ones.

If anyone has some special requests of a price check then I’ll see what I can do – but don’t expect me to price check a list of 100 items.

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