Honest to Goodness – Artarmon NSW

Sunday, September 18th, 2011 at 1:36 pm by bowman

An excellent Sydney resource for Grains, Seeds and Pulses is Honest to Goodness located in Artarmon NSW. They have a great range, great prices, and if you are located nearby you can save on the delivery fee by picking up direct from their warehouse.

An example of some of their products are listed below:

Item Size Price
Wheat 12.5kg $22.20
Pinto Beans 25kg $99.00
Red Kidney Beans 25kg $116.40
Navy Beans 5kg $23.10
Canellini Beans 25kg $99.00
Borlotti Beans 25kg $124.50

This is only a fraction of their product range, so be sure to check them out for yourselves.

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